Transborder Cooperation Workshop in the Azores

June 13, 2019

Date: 14 of June 2019

Local: Biblioteca Pública de Ponta Delgada, São Miguel – Azores.


The University of Cádiz, in collaboration with Azores Regional Fund of Science and Technology, MarSP Coordinator, and Azores Directorate of Maritime Affairs, Azores Marine Competent Authority, holds the Macaronesian Transborder Cooperation Workshop in the São Miguel Islands, Azores.

This Workshop aims to present, discuss and build ideas among the stakeholders to propose demonstrative projects that will help gradually boost the necessary Crossborder Cooperation that must present in process of Spatial Planning of the Macaronesia.

The MSP European Directive underlines the need to achieve agreements and establish mechanisms for cooperation between all marine countries. Thus, it is possible to effectively manage the possible impacts that sometimes originate over great distances. This allows the preservation of ecological functions and ecosystem services, as well as derived benefits. For this reason, an overview of the marine basin shared by the archipelagos of the Azores, Madeira and the Canaries is fundamental.

 For the reasons discussed above, this workshop presents an opportunity to facilitate a discussion to explore pilot projects or trials for cooperation. These ideas, from the information selected by the technical staff of the MarSP Project, will be the basis of a process to be replicated in Madeira and Canary Islands, in order to gather the opinions and other subjects that the participants consider to be present.

Once all the conclusions are gathered,  the best-proposed ideas will be developed in depth to formally present to the decision-makers.



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