Canary Islands MSP Platform is now available!

Sept. 24, 2019

 The Canary Islands MSP Platform is now available as web page focused on everything related to the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) process in the Canary Islands. It also aims serves as the entry point to link diverse contents related to MSP.

This platform was developed under the WP5 – MSP Platform of MarSP project lead by the University of Las Palmas/ ECOAQUA-ULPGC.

The platform includes six main sections: Geo-viewers; Data and information (Spatial) catalogues; MSP Tools; MSP relevant projects; Events and News; MSP Canarias.

This MSP platform is very dynamic and user-friendly with contents that are easy to add and exclude, which is expected to continue to function actively after the lifespan of the MarSP project.

The content of the platform is mainly focused on the Canary Islands stakeholders, being available in both languages - Spanish and English.

To access and explore the Canary Islands MSP Platform, visit http://www.geoportal.ulpgc.es/marsp/


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