Diretrizes de Participação Pública para o Projeto MarSP

Feb. 25, 2020

Report Summary

This report delivers, under MarSP project work package 2. “Mapping the current conditions and creating a vision for the MSP in Macaronesia”, Task 2.1. “Stakeholders engagement” the proposed “Public Participation Guidelines for MarSP Project” (D.2.3). Its overall purpose is to present the basis for Public Participation based on a large dissemination (WP7). These Guidelines are common and should inform the MSP process in all MarSP regions (the Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands), but flexible to be adapted to the particular features and needs of each archipelago. The Public Participation Guidelines for MarSP Project includes (i) definition of public participation concepts, framework and aims; and (ii) definition of methods and recommendations for public participation within the context of MarSP project. This deliverable is an open document possible to be updated during the project, as the public participation strategy is being defined and tune fined.

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