Video - MarSP Project from the Stakeholders Perspective

Dec. 16, 2019

The MSP stakeholders engagement process is a fundamental step to achieve multiple objectives - social, economic and ecological.

Since the beginning of the MarSP project, the Stakeholder Engagement Processes focused in inform, consult, and involve all the stakeholders. This process aimed to be transparent and inclusive, involving all stakeholders actively to create a common vision, and fill the knowledge gaps of marine uses to support the decision-making.

What is MarSP for you? What do you expect from the MSP process in your Region? How was the MarSP participatory process for you?

This was the Stakeholders perspective. This was MarSP, this is MSP!🌊🐳🗣️

We deeply thank all stakeholders who contributed to MarSP Stakeholder Engagement processes. It was a leverage momentum for the MSP processes in the Macaronesia Regions – Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands.

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