Madeira 3rd Sectorial Stakeholder Workshop: Big Game Fishing and Recreational Fishing - Results

Jan. 9, 2020

This report corresponds to the Deliverable 2.2. “Local and Regional Stakeholder Workshops”, integrated in Work Package 2 “Mapping the current conditions and creating a vision for the Maritime Spatial Planning in Macaronesia”.

Report Summary

The MarSP project intends to engage stakeholders from the beginning of the process, considering the various stages of the maritime spatial planning process in Macaronesian regions, and applying methodologies in line with European ethics guidelines and requirements.
The Autonomous Region of Madeira is a pioneer in the process of maritime spatial planning in Macaronesia, and the spatial plan developed over the last three years has already been submitted and waits to be approved.
Taking advantage of this condition and once Regional Government of Madeira want to do the revision of the Situation Plan in the next five or six years, it’s important the continuous integration of the stakeholders in this process. In this way, will be developed during these years, several meetings with the stakeholders of each activity. The first meeting was dedicated to aggregate’s extraction activity who has a large importance for the Regional economy. The second meeting (3rd workshop) will be dedicated to the big game fishing and recreational fishing activity. 




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