Regional reports on MSP objectives

Feb. 25, 2020

Report Summary

This report corresponds to deliverable 2.6. “Regional reports on MSP objectives”, integrated in WP2 “Mapping the current conditions and creating a vision for the MSP in Macaronesia” of the Macaronesian Maritime Spatial Planning (MarSP) project. This report is structured in four chapters, three of them corresponding respectively to the regional reports on MSP objectives for the Macaronesian archipelagos: Azores (Annex 1. Azores), Canary Islands Annex 2, and Madeira (Annex 3. Madeira); and an introductory chapter (Methodology 1) with a common methodological approach to Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) objectives for the whole Macaronesia. The initial chapter (Methodology 1) proposes a methodological approach to define MSP objectives in Macaronesia. The method serves as a guide to approach Maritime Spatial Planning objectives in the three Macaronesian archipelagos, who need to adopt and adapt the method to the particular context of each archipelago. The adaptation and application of the proposed methodology will be developed respectively in each of the regional reports on MSP objectives.

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