Guidelines for Maritime Spatial Planning in the European Macaronesia: Policy-oriented.

Feb. 25, 2020

Report Summary

The Directive 2014/89/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 establishes a framework for Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) with the aim to promote the growth of maritime economies, the development of marine areas and the use of marine resources in a sustainable way. Portugal and Spain are now developing their first maritime spatial plans, including the Macaronesian archipelagos (Azores, Canaries and Madeira). The Guidelines for Maritime Spatial Planning in the European Macaronesia intends to inform and support the development of MSP in these Macaronesian regions. The guide targets two groups with a fundamental role in the planning process: general stakeholders and policy-makers. This document is intended to be a guide for policy-makers, facilitating an improved understanding and follow-up of MSP as well as informing the development of MSP for Macaronesia. This document has been elaborated in the frame of the MarSP (Macaronesian Maritime Spatial Planning) project. MarSP aims to develop concrete actions for the implementation of the MSP Directive in the outermost regions of Macaronesia. The guide was developed under Task 4.5 “MSP Roadmaps”. A similar guide targeting general stakeholders has been also elaborated under this same task.

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