MarSP 3rd Capacity Building Workshop – MSP platforms

Feb. 25, 2020

Report Summary

MarSP project is a perfect opportunity to finalize MSP data model development and deliver MSP platforms that will support MSP process in Macaronesia. Within the two years were delivered series of capacity building workshops: 1. Data management related to the Maritime Spatial Planning 2. MSP INSPIRE data model 3. MSP platforms As MSP platforms are delivered for the use of the stakeholders and policy/decision makers, third capacity building were open for general public - potential platform users. To reach as possible most of users, this workshop was merged with D.4.9. Final Stakeholder's Workshop in the Canary Islands. Participants were informed about all three MSP platforms (Canaries, Azores and Madeira). what is a current content and how to use it.

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